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The EX4200-48P - supports virtual-chassis[1] - or the EX3200-48P can do this, although is requires an advanced license for BGP (EX-48-AFL).

CoS is pretty much the same for all Junos devices.  Take a look at the technical documentation for the EX and CoS.


[1] http://www.juniper.net/us/en/local/pdf/datasheets/1000215-en.pdf


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I'm wondering if this is something that could be done with Junipers;

On our mountain top sites, we currently have dual 48 port POE switches, and
dual Dell 1950's running Quagga/Zebra routing suites..
The sites support wimax access points and redundant microwave backhauls to
other towers or our data centers..
OSPF/BGP is used to mesh the sites with Quagga/Zebra handling the route
Each access point (one per port on the switch) can have up to 75 customers
on them, and we use HTB on Linux to apply CIR and MIR rules to each customer
at a subnet level..

Over the years, this solution has proven to be reliable, and surprisingly
high performance, but as traffic volumes to the towers grow with
next-generation products, we are starting to push 400-600 Mbps to the
towers. Additionally, it's a bit of a pain to rebuild failed linux routers
in the field, or replace power supplies, hard drives, etc..

So, I'm looking for some form of stacking router/switch solution that could
handle BGP/OSPF/~75 MIR and CIR rules per interface with enforcement by
customer subnet (they are all on the same interface and vlan)/and tcpdump
for easy debug of customer connectivity problems..

Possible with Juniper? Is so, what device, and what QOS rules? 

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