[j-nsp] Code upgrade to 10.4R4.5

Jeff Wheeler jsw at inconcepts.biz
Thu May 12 04:27:55 EDT 2011

On Wed, May 11, 2011 at 3:11 PM, Cyn D. <cynthia_dal at yahoo.ca> wrote:
> Will this be a none (no config loaded at all) and all (if loaded then it is
> intact) situation? What I don't want to see is configuration loaded
> partially and the lines that are not compatible are missing. When you go

I have encountered quite a few upgrade problems where only part of the
configuration loaded.  "Verify" is by no means a fool-proof check, and
the "fool" in this case is not you, it's the developers.  For example,
an upgrade from EX4200 9.2(?) to 9.3(?) or there-abouts will break if
you have virtual-chassis { pre-provisioned; } configured, because the
syntax changes to "preprovisioned" (no hyphen), yet this is not caught
by "verify."  The box will be unusable after it upgrades.  EX boxes,
and their spectacular upgrade failures, have justified my OOB
facilities many times over in the past couple of years.

Always have a "rain plan."  OOB network, remote hands, let router be
down until you can dispatch an employee, whatever.

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