[j-nsp] netflow sampling problem in 10.2

Matjaž Straus Istenič juniper at arnes.si
Wed May 25 02:47:51 EDT 2011

Hi folks,

On 23.5.2011, at 13:29, Doan Nguyen wrote:

> Make sure your NTP timing is actually up.  We had the same issue and turns out one of the release requires NTP timing.

Thank you, Doan, for the hint, but NTP was not an issue.
The reason why RE-based sampled netflow failed in 10.2R3.10 is still unknown to us, but who cares now ;-) We'solved the problem by upgrading to 10.4R4.5.

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> Subject: [j-nsp] netflow sampling problem in 10.2
> Hi there,
> we've recently upgraded our MX routers to 10.2R3.10 (from 9.6). After that, netflow sampling based on firewall filters does not export any packets, not even to a local file. Total silence! We are sampling IPv4 packets ingress on all interfaces. Firewall filters work fine. The corresponding firewall filter terms still count bytes and packets, but no samples are seen.
> Have some of you run into similar problems with sampled netflow on 10.2? Release notes do not mention anything similar.
> Kind regards,
>     Matjaž

Kind regards,

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