[j-nsp] mx240 vs asr 9006

Peter piotr.1234 at interia.pl
Tue Apr 24 11:55:00 EDT 2012


I have to upgrade my bgp routers, i have budget for two options:

- bundle: MX240BASE-AC-HIGH, MPC1-3D-R-B, MIC-3D-20XGE-SFP, 
MIC-3D-2XGE-XFP; configurable RE, SCB, and PEM
- better routing engine RE-S-1800X2-8G-UPG-BB + jflow license ( netflow 
v9 or ipfix) S-ACCT-JFLOW-IN


2. asr 9006
- A9K-RSP-4G
- A9K-MOD80-TR, 80G Modular Linecard, Packet Transport Optimized
- license for l3 vpn

the price is almost the same. I need:

- ports: from  4x10G line to  max 8x10G, line rate
- 3 virtual routers with full ip routing table v4
- 10 virtual routers with ca 10k prefix in routing table v4
- v6
- up to 12 full bgp feed
- netflow v9 or ipfix, sampling max 100/s
- define counters on logical and physical interfaces, count many times 
to the same counter, one packet could be count to different counters in 
next term
- access to counters via snmp
- independent control plane and data plane
- and few others things on bgp edge

which model will be better ?
thanks for some advice


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