[j-nsp] OSPF Forwarding Address

Benny Amorsen benny+usenet at amorsen.dk
Thu Aug 2 07:59:07 EDT 2012

I have a weird problem where I can get IOS to set the Forwarding Address
for an external type 2 route (LSA type 5) in OSPF, but I cannot get
Junos to do the same.

The test network has 3 devices. Two of them are VRF's in an MX80
(router1 and router2, the last one is a
firewall (fw All connected to the same switch, and
the network is a /27.

The MX80-VRF's are talking OSPF, again completely plainly configured
simply by putting the interface in area

router1 has a static route to via fw It
redistributes this route into OSPF, again a completely plain policy just
saying "from static" "then accept".

router2 receives the route through OSPF but Forwarding Address is not
set. Therefore it sends traffic destined for to
router1 -- which is sort-of correct, but it would be much better if
the traffic was passed directly to the firewall.

If I replace router1 with a VRF on a Cisco 7600, Forwarding Address
is set to and everything works as I expected. This is
obviously not my preferred solution :)


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