[j-nsp] Sending vpls broadcast packets over static LSP

Stefan Fouant sfouant at shortestpathfirst.net
Thu Aug 9 08:27:01 EDT 2012

Stupid question, but you do have DUT13 configured for the static LSP as well correct?

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From: "Bala Subrahmanyam Venkata" <balavenkata at aim.com>
Date: Thu, Aug 9, 2012 5:31 am
Subject: [j-nsp] Sending vpls broadcast packets over static LSP
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I'm trying to configure this (Static Point-to-Multipoint Flooding LSP
for vpls): http://www.juniper.net/techpubs/software/junos/junos95/swconfig-vpns/id-11510467.html#id-11512557

I have the static LSP up but the broadcast packets don't seem to go
over it. Any specific reason ? I've pasted what I think as
configs/show output needed. One thing I've done is that the static LSP
is just a plain static LSP  (i.e. there is no multiple endpoints for
it...) Let me know if more is required...Thanks in advance.




(where MX240 & DUT11 have the VPLS endpoints)

bala at MX240# show routing-instances slsp-vpls
instance-type vpls;
interface ge-1/1/9.0;
provider-tunnel {
    rsvp-te {
        static-lsp slsp3;
protocols {
    vpls {
        vpls-id 2047;
        connectivity-type ce;

bala at MX240#

bala at MX240# show protocols mpls static-label-switched-path slsp3
ingress {
    push 2046;

bala at MX240# run show vpls connections instance slsp-vpls
Instance: slsp-vpls
  VPLS-id: 2047
    Neighbor                  Type  St     Time last up          # Up trans 2047) rmt   OL

bala at MX240# run show mpls static-lsp name slsp3 extensive
Ingress LSPs:
LSPname: slsp3, To:
  State: Up
  Nexthop: Via ge-1/0/6.0
  LabelOperation: Push, Outgoing-label: 2046
  Created: Thu Aug  2 09:48:01 2012
  Bandwidth: 0 bps
  Statistics: Packets 0, Bytes 0
Total 2, displayed 1, Up 1, Down 0

Transit LSPs:
Total 1, displayed 0, Up 0, Down 0

Bypass LSPs:
Total 0, displayed 0, Up 0, Down 0

bala at MX240#

bala at MX240# run show vpls statistics instance slsp-vpls
VPLS statistics:

Instance: slsp-vpls
   Local interface: ge-1/1/9.0, Index: 87
     Broadcast packets:                769916
     Broadcast bytes  :             197098496
     Multicast packets:                     0
     Multicast bytes  :                     0
     Flooded packets  :                     0
     Flooded bytes    :                     0
     Unicast packets  :                     0
     Unicast bytes    :                     0
     Current MAC count:                     0 (Limit 1024)

bala at MX240#

bala at MX240#
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