[j-nsp] Strange ARP issue on M7i

Tobias Heister lists at tobias-heister.de
Tue Aug 14 16:20:28 EDT 2012


Am 14.08.2012 22:09, schrieb Jonathan Lassoff:
> A dynamic routing protocol and BFD would be see this right away and
> move traffic, but this would break any static routes that rely on any
> dynamism with ARP and next-hops.
> Moral of the story, as I see it: avoid static routing.

At least in our case it was a bgp route with a third-party next-hop (server) living on a connected LAN segment.
So we could not be saved by BFD in this case, but i admit its a special setup.

But it is funny that this behavior is present across platforms (M7i to MX with DPC) and junos versions (from 8.0 to 10.4) but this of course may have been coincidence.

Kind Regards
Tobias Heister

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