[j-nsp] Only announce BGP learned networks

Jonas Björklund jonas at bjorklund.cn
Mon Feb 20 09:10:35 EST 2012


Im used to Cisco and Cisco doesnt annonce other networks then learned from BGP default.
I only want to announce networks that my Juniper learns from other iBGP routers.

I tried a policy.

policy-statement my-export-routes {
     term t10 {
         from {
             protocol bgp;
             route-filter prefix-length-range /21-/24;
             route-filter prefix-length-range /20-/24;
         then accept;
     term t100 {
         then reject;

Some of my network begin to be announced. But not all of them.

The one which was learned by OSPF *AND* BGP was not able to pass the policy. Only those which was learned from BGP.

I want all networks learned from BGP (even those from OSPF) pass the policy.

Any ideas?


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