[j-nsp] EX-UM-2X4SFP- 2-port 10G SFP+ / 4-port 1G SFP Uplink Module

Mike Williams mike.williams at comodo.com
Tue Feb 21 06:03:16 EST 2012

On Tuesday 21 February 2012 08:33:53 Jeff Wheeler wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 21, 2012 at 3:05 AM, Skeeve Stevens
> <skeeve+junipernsp at eintellego.net> wrote:
> > The common thought was that you could use EITHER the 2 x 10Gb OR the 4 x
> > 1Gb.
> You are correct.  It will not operate in a mixed mode.

Hope nobody minds me butting in here, but this brings up a related question 
for me.

The built in uplink ports in the EX3300. Do they support running 2 at 10Gb 
(for VC) and 2 at 1Gb for regular ethernet?
I'm sure I've seen it written that all four ports can be used at 10Gb, if true 
that would support my belief mixed mode operation is supported too.


Mike Williams

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