[j-nsp] Set MED in BGP to IGP metric for iBGP NEXT-HOP router

Paul Zugnoni paul.zugnoni at onlive.com
Thu Feb 23 02:23:24 EST 2012

Hi Jeff -

Thanks for the reply. Until your email, I hadn't solved it. I was getting stuck, in part, because it appears the command does /not/ have an effect on the MED when used as an import policy applied to the iBGP neighbor (at least when using ISIS level 2 metrics). I had it configured first as an import policy and troubleshooting it that way before emailing for help last night. Secondly, I hadn't yet tried clearing the BGP neighbor, and curiously found this to update my eBGP peer with the updated metric after the right export policy was applied: clear bgp neighbor soft-minimum-igp

We're on the same page re: metric minimum-igp; thanks for the distinction on the RR advertised route, too.

Paul Zugnoni

On Feb 22, 2012, at 17:29 , Jeff Wheeler wrote:

On Tue, Feb 21, 2012 at 7:25 PM, Paul Zugnoni <paul.zugnoni at onlive.com<mailto:paul.zugnoni at onlive.com>> wrote:
I'm looking to set the MED on routes exported to eBGP peers to reflect the IGP metric to the BGP protocol next-hop

I did not see any replies to your question.  Apologies if you already
figured this out yourself.

set metric igp already does what you describe.  You will also want to
read the documentation on `set metric minimum-igp` which is often what
folks really want.

Keep in mind that the MED will be set to the IGP metric to the
protocol next-hop, NOT "the address of the router it learned the route
from."  You used both phrasings in your post.  So for example, if you
have a route reflector in your AS, a route may be learned from an RR
but the metric will obviously not be based on the path to the RR, but
the path to the next-hop.

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