[j-nsp] IPV6 Juniper X Quagga

Juliano Primavesi | KingHost juliano at kinghost.com.br
Sat Jan 14 08:27:47 EST 2012


I'm with problems trying to make Junos talk to Quagga in a IPv6 session. 
IPv4 works fine.

# Quagga version 0.99.13
# Junos 10.2R3.10

protocols {
     bgp {
         group ibgp {
             type internal;
             family inet {
             neighbor A.B.C.D # ipv4
             neighbor 2ABC:DE::6 {
                 local-address 2ABC:DE::9;
                 hold-time 90;
                 family inet6 {

router bgp ABCDE
  bgp router-id A.B.C.D
  no bgp default ipv4-unicast
  neighbor 2ABC:DE::9 remote-as ABCDE
  neighbor 2ABC:DE::9 update-source 2ABC:DE::6
  neighbor 2ABC:DE::9 timers 30 90

Error in QUAGGA:
2012/01/14 10:25:01 BGP: 2ABC:DE::9 [Error] No common capability

Error in JUNOS:
Jan 14 11:23:17  border-ptt-rs rpd[1055]: bgp_recv: read from peer 
2ABC:DE::6 (Internal AS ABCDE) failed: Connection reset by peer
Jan 14 11:25:01  border-ptt-rs rpd[1055]: bgp_process_caps: mismatch 
NLRI with 2ABC:DE::6 (Internal AS ABCDE): peer: <inet-unicast>(1) us: 
Jan 14 11:25:01  border-ptt-rs rpd[1055]: bgp_process_caps:2561: 
NOTIFICATION sent to 2ABC:DE::6 (Internal AS ABCDE): code 2 (Open 
Message Error) subcode 7 (unsupported capability) value 32

Anyone can help?


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