[j-nsp] IPV6 Juniper X Quagga

Per Granath per.granath at gcc.com.cy
Mon Jan 16 01:57:04 EST 2012

> Error in JUNOS:
> Jan 14 11:23:17  border-ptt-rs rpd[1055]: bgp_recv: read from peer
> 2ABC:DE::6 (Internal AS ABCDE) failed: Connection reset by peer Jan 14
> 11:25:01  border-ptt-rs rpd[1055]: bgp_process_caps: mismatch NLRI with
> 2ABC:DE::6 (Internal AS ABCDE): peer: <inet-unicast>(1) us:
> <inet6-multicast>(32)

Quagga wants to negotiate ipv4-unicast, and Junos wants ipv6-multicast...

Not sure how Quagga is configured, but perhaps some "family ipv6 activate" like statement is needed too.
On Junos, you want want both multicast and unicast under your family inet6.

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