[j-nsp] Juniper MX40 / MX80 as a edge aggregator

Paul Stewart paul at paulstewart.org
Wed Jan 25 09:25:48 EST 2012

We are just getting ready to roll some of these out.... 

You need additional licenses for the PPPOE portion (up to three licenses).
Nobody at Juniper to date has been able to tell us specifics about these
licenses and what *exactly* you require them for so we bought all three so
far figuring we'd need the features now or near future anyways.    The MX80
is only good for up to 5-6000 sessions is the latest update I've heard
(16,000 on DHCP and 8,000 PPPOE based on marketing numbers)... can't confirm
this first hand, perhaps someone else can.

I just got a lab box running yesterday and it's taken an enormous amount of
time investment to get this running within our environment (FreeRadius on
the backend).  I am working on the policy side next, which looks ok on the
surface and I believe our challenges are within the Radius side.

The box is VERY picky about exact radius attributes - which has made it even
harder to integrate into our existing multi-vendor setup.  I would say that
if you're starting out with a fresh Radius backend then this would be a

I would also confirm the 4k VLAN's per physical port and per-VLAN traffic
policies given the sheer number of them you are looking at.  Again, I have
nothing first hand to base this on.

We have many other MX80's deployed for other purposes and I do really like
these boxes - the BRAS function seems quite "cutting edge" for me at this
point to be honest.....

One thing for sure would be to do a proof of concept if you go ahead - given
what I know to date I'd be looking at a bigger MX box for your purposes.

Take care,


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Hi list,

We are in the process of selecting an edge platform for the following
featureset :

- Routing BGP/OSPF with less than 10K routes
- PPPoE for >5000 ethernet customers
- >5000 traffic policies on these customers. We want to be able to select a
traffic profile (2Mbps to GigE) per PPPoE customer on a single ethernet
- RADIUS authentication for these PPPoE customers
- 4K VLAN's per physical port
- per-VLAN traffic policy's. Define traffic policy (2Mbps to GigE) per VLAN
per port.
- 2 or 4 10GigE ports to connect to our core infrastructure (which is mainly
brocade hardware)

I got the following offers :

MX40-T-AC including MX80-ADV-R, S-MX80-Q & S-ACCT-JFLOW-IN-5G licenses

or the :


Our sales rep offered us this box and told us that it fits the featureset
easily. Are there any people on the list using the MX80 boxes as a PPPoE
aggregator and what is your opinion? How does rate-limiting/policying scale?


Remco Bressers
Signet B.V.
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