[j-nsp] SRX - multipoint st0 tunnel interface and static route

pkc_mls pkc_mls at yahoo.fr
Fri Sep 14 08:16:16 EDT 2012

Le 14/09/2012 11:51, Mark Menzies a écrit :
> How do you route to the remote nets?  Do you have the 2 routes set up 
> on the SRX to send it to the st0 interface?  If you do, then we do 
> need NHTB set up to dictate which VPN the traffic goes down when it 
> arrives at st0.
There is only one remote net.

> Alternatively, set up 2 tunnel interfaces, ie st0.0 and st0.1 and bind 
> each VPN to its own tunnel interface.
I can use two tunnel interface, and the route to the same network via 
those two interfaces, but then as the remote gateway is the same, I 
don't have any option to indicate the correct tunnel interface from each 
local network.
> Also, can you let us know what this reroute error message is?
something like
packet dropped re-route failed
I'll copy the exact message later on.

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