[j-nsp] filter

Mohammad Khalil eng.mssk at gmail.com
Wed Sep 19 10:32:57 EDT 2012

Hi all
I have the below setup
I have a server connected via two interfaces to my router (mx480 acting as
a core)
And i have an uplink connected to another router (border)
The issue am facing is that the outgoing traffic passed through the LAN
interface of the server and then go to the border via a filter
Now , the incoming traffic should go to the WAN interface when coming back
but it does not as the interface on the router is irb interface and acting
as the gateway for all customers
Now the returned traffic is not going to the server because the router will
go through the direct interface for sure as the returned traffic prefer the
direct over the routing instance configured

Any ideas to force the traffic to go to the server even if the irb is
directly connected on the same router?



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