[j-nsp] Config help for basic MPLS setup

Chris Kawchuk juniperdude at gmail.com
Tue Sep 25 19:42:57 EDT 2012

I've always had troubles using an EX4200 as a "P" router.

The only way Ive gotten it to "kinda" work is to build an LSP with the endpoint having protocols { mpls { explicit-null; }}, so any EX4200 in the middle doesn't try to 'pop' the outer label if it happens to be the penultimate… although my memory is sketchy on this… (I *think* I got it working across an EX4200 as a "P" this way.. Your Mileage May Vary) 

The only MPLS thing Ive ever seen in use is to make CCC's. i.e. think of using an EX4200 device as an olds-style "ATM Edge" Device, where it turns ethernet into a PVC/RFC1483..cough.cough.. I meant an LSP/CCC. Thats about the only application I have found. LDP is a no-go as well, so L2CKT/Martini isn't possible either…

- CK.

On 2012-09-25, at 5:51 PM, Phil Mayers <p.mayers at imperial.ac.uk> wrote:

> On 09/25/2012 03:16 AM, Tim Jackson wrote:
>> I'm pretty sure this is the case. EX4200 will not forward anything with > 1
>> label.
> Just... wow. What is MPLS even *for* on those boxes?

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