[j-nsp] Creating VC using Uplink ports (VCE) on ex-4200

Abdullah Baheer abdullahbaheer at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 30 05:09:45 EDT 2012

Hi Experts,
We have two ex-4200 switches placed in two buildings, 400 to 500 meters apart.The switches are connected through a Trunk interface (through a fiber link and media-converters on both sides)
We are thinking of running VC between these switches.As per my understanding I will need two uplink modules (2x XFP, or 4x SFP), and XFPs or SFPs, I guess I need at least two links for redundancy.
Has anyone experienced running VC using uplink ports, using 1G ports or 10G ports, is there anything I need to watch for, is it a reliable/workable solution?
Appreciate your inputs.
ThanksAbdullah Baheer (JNCIE-M # 1402)

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