[j-nsp] IP Monitoring/Tracking (SLA) on high end SRX

Ahmad Hasan barakat-ahmad at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 13 06:16:49 EDT 2013

Dear All


We have high end SRX3600 connected to layer2 switch and then to two gateway
routers, and we have a static default route to R1 with default preference
(5) and to R2 with preference 10, we need to track the IP of R1 so that in
case we couldn't ping R1 the route to prefer R2 i.e. in case the link
between R1 and the layer2 switch went down the route to prefer R2.

Noting that we were able to accomplish the above requirements with branch
SRX using either two options (set services ip-monitoring) or (set services

Unfortunately the mentioned commands are not supported on high end SRX

Any ideas.






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