[j-nsp] Rationale behind "set chassis aggregated-devices ethernet device-count"

Phil Mayers p.mayers at imperial.ac.uk
Fri Aug 23 12:38:34 EDT 2013

On 23/08/13 17:14, Michael Loftis wrote:
> Part of it probably has to do with SNMP.  Pre-allocating the count
> keeps the SNMP index ID's from changing when devices are
> added/removed.  ae0 is always index blah.  A lot of tools are very
> dependent upon the SNMP index ID.

I don't think so TBH. Having just snmpwalk'ed a JunOS box, the aeX 
interfaces and sub-ints ifindex values appear allocated sequentially:

IF-MIB::ifDescr.521 = STRING: ae0
IF-MIB::ifDescr.522 = STRING: ae0.32767
IF-MIB::ifDescr.524 = STRING: ae1
IF-MIB::ifDescr.529 = STRING: ae0.1
IF-MIB::ifDescr.530 = STRING: xe-1/0/0.1
IF-MIB::ifDescr.531 = STRING: ae0.11
IF-MIB::ifDescr.532 = STRING: ae0.10
IF-MIB::ifDescr.533 = STRING: ae0.9
IF-MIB::ifDescr.534 = STRING: ae0.8
IF-MIB::ifDescr.535 = STRING: ae0.7
IF-MIB::ifDescr.536 = STRING: ae0.6
IF-MIB::ifDescr.537 = STRING: ae0.5
IF-MIB::ifDescr.538 = STRING: ae0.4
IF-MIB::ifDescr.539 = STRING: ae0.3
IF-MIB::ifDescr.540 = STRING: ae0.2
IF-MIB::ifDescr.541 = STRING: xe-1/0/0.11
IF-MIB::ifDescr.542 = STRING: xe-1/0/0.10

So, unless I'm misunderstanding what you mean, it's not doing anything 
interesting here.

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