[j-nsp] Splitting Dot1q VLAN across Logical Systems

Skeeve Stevens skeeve+junipernsp at eintellego.net
Thu Jan 24 06:24:21 EST 2013

Hey all,

I want to build this scenario.

2 * MX80, with a trunk between then.

On the trunk (as an example) there would be two VLANs.

I would like to take VLAN 100 on Router-A Logical System A to Router-B
Logical System A, while at the same taking VLAN 200 on Router-A Logical
System B to Router-B Logical System B.

Does this make sense?

I'm hearing I have to allocate a whole physical interface to a Logical
System which means I can't use a VLAN from it for another Logical System.

Does this make sense with what I am looking to do?

Thanks ;-)

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