[j-nsp] Aggregate interface AE issue

Ben Dale bdale at comlinx.com.au
Wed May 1 21:25:51 EDT 2013

Hi Ala',

I think you are trying to do isn't going to work - when you bring up the aggregated ethernet interfaces between the two MXs, your media converters/management units will no longer be visible.  

Picture the AE as a tunnel between the two MXs (even though frames aren't actually tunnelled) - any intermediary devices aren't going to be able to return any traffic regardless of VLAN tag because their MAC addresses aren't being learnt on the AE interface, they're being learnt on the physical ge-2/x/x interface only (which doesn't have vlan-tagging configured on it.

Do your media converters have out-of-band access at all?


On 25/04/2012, at 9:17 PM, Ala' Amira <aamira at bluezonejordan.com> wrote:

> Dear Friends,
> I have applied AE interface between 2 MXs and it is working fine  but I have lost the connectivity to the Media Management units only which is behind AE interface  although the Management Vlan already exist in the trunk,
> <image004.png>
> This is the configuration on one of the routers  :
> set interfaces ge-2/0/0 gigether-options 802.3ad ae1
> set interfaces ge-2/1/3 gigether-options 802.3ad ae1
> set interfaces ae1 flexible-vlan-tagging
> set interfaces ae1 mtu 1600
> set interfaces ae1 encapsulation flexible-ethernet-services
> set interfaces ae1 unit 0 family bridge interface-mode trunk
> set interfaces ae1 unit 0 family bridge vlan-id-list 11
> set protocols vstp vlan 11 interface ae1
> what I have missed here to access the management units?
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