[j-nsp] Srx 240 ipsec site to site

Martin, Paul paul.martin at mdnx.com
Tue May 7 03:53:51 EDT 2013


Cisco have a DMVPN solution for this, I believe the equivalent juniper solution can be seen at the following link....


It's worth noting that this is a few years old now so it's likely to have been superseded by something else.



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Dear Group,

I have a small customer requiring a VPN between two of the sites, One site
is so remote where in we have only 3g internet connection available. other
site which is considered to be the main site is having  internet over an
ADSL link . In essence both sides are getting dynamic IP address , can i
have a site to site vpn in this situation ?

Does SRX support dyndns feature ? can I use it for establishing site to
site vpn  ?

if not what is the other option to suggest to customer ?
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