[j-nsp] "SPUx jmpi mbuf stall" on SRX3600 w/ routed multicast

Phil Mayers p.mayers at imperial.ac.uk
Mon Nov 18 09:50:50 EST 2013


(I've got a case pending about this, but no response yet, which is 
really annoying...)

We have a pair of SRX3600. They're due to go live shortly, but during 
testing I've discovered an issue - when passing routed multicast 
traffic, if I remove the policy matching the multicast, the device 
starts logging:

cpp0 swanhill8: SPU8 jmpi mbuf stall 53%.
cpp0 swanhill10: SPU10 jmpi mbuf stall 56%.
cpp0 swanhill11: SPU11 jmpi mbuf stall 58%.

...and then:

cpp0 swanhill10: SPU10 mbuf stall exceed 80%, p 0% h 0% j 82%, set alarm.
alarmd[1152]: Alarm set: FPC color=RED, class=CHASSIS, reason=FPC 10 
Major Errors
craftd[1153]:  Major alarm set, FPC 10 Major Errors

The chassis alarm can't be cleared without a reboot.

Anyone run into anything similar? Any way to fix this without a reboot?

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