[j-nsp] "SPUx jmpi mbuf stall" on SRX3600 w/ routed multicast

Phil Mayers p.mayers at imperial.ac.uk
Tue Nov 26 02:07:47 EST 2013

On 26/11/13 04:25, Chris Cappuccio wrote:
> Phil Mayers [p.mayers at imperial.ac.uk] wrote:
>> cpp0 swanhill10: SPU10 mbuf stall exceed 80%, p 0% h 0% j 82%, set alarm.
>> alarmd[1152]: Alarm set: FPC color=RED, class=CHASSIS, reason=FPC 10 Major
>> Errors
>> craftd[1153]:  Major alarm set, FPC 10 Major Errors
>> The chassis alarm can't be cleared without a reboot.
>> Anyone run into anything similar? Any way to fix this without a reboot?
> Run better JunOS code.

I'm not entirely sure if this was intended as humorous or helpful, but 
as it happens you're pretty close to the mark. Apparently this is 
present in the X45 but not X44 or 11.4 code, and is known under PR 
918415. It will be fixed in X45-20, apparently due in January.

FWIW we're running the 12.1X series code as we have the combined NP-IOC 
cards which need it. I can't remember if the NP-IOCs are supported in 
X44, but aside from this bug (which is pretty easy to avoid - don't 
remove a policy permitting multicast traffic) the X45 code has been OK 
so far, so we'll probably live with it.

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