[j-nsp] VSTP virtual ports supported on EX8200

R S dim0sal at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 27 09:21:55 EST 2013

and also, which is the equivalent junos command to the following in ios ?

xxx#sh spanning-tree summary totals 

Switch is in rapid-pvst mode
Root bridge for: VLAN052, VLAN0504, VLAN0506, VLAN0508, VLAN0510, VLAN0512
    VLAN0896, VLAN0898, VLAN0900, VLAN0902, VLAN0904, VLAN0906
  VLAN0908-VLAN0912, VLAN0914, VLAN0918, VLAN1000
EtherChannel misconfig guard            is enabled
Extended system ID                      is enabled
Portfast Default                        is disabled
Portfast Edge BPDU Guard Default        is enabled
Portfast Edge BPDU Filter Default       is disabled
Loopguard Default                       is disabled
Platform PVST Simulation                is enabled
PVST Simulation Default                 is enabled but inactive in rapid-pvst mode
Bridge Assurance                        is enabled
UplinkFast                              is disabled
BackboneFast                            is disabled
Pathcost method used                    is short

Name                   Blocking Listening Learning Forwarding STP Active
---------------------- -------- --------- -------- ---------- ----------
423 vlans                  228         0        0       4024       4252

From: dim0sal at hotmail.com
To: juniper-nsp at puck.nether.net
Subject: VSTP virtual ports supported on EX8200
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2013 13:03:54 +0000

Does anybody knows how many VSTP spanning-tree virtual ports support EX8200 ?

Is it an information reachable on the juniper.net site ?

I was not able to find it...



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