[j-nsp] EoMPLS data rate

Vincent lamusiqueduhasard at gmail.com
Fri Nov 29 05:54:24 EST 2013

 Hello all,

we are trying to build for a customer an EoMPLS circuit of 10 Mbps over a
GE interface.

Configuration looks like this at this moment:

  dude at LAB-MX960> show configuration protocols l2circuit
  neighbor {
      interface ge-0/1/1.0 {
          virtual-circuit-id 1;

... with something similar at the other end of the network. This is easy
and works quite well.

Next step is to limit the traffic to 10 Mbps.

We were thinking of using a simple policer like:

  dude at LAB-MX960> show configuration firewall policer 10M_fwp
  if-exceeding {
      bandwidth-limit 10m;
      burst-size-limit 15k;
  then discard;

... and apply it on the ingress interface, but maybe that's a little bit
too rough (in terms of packet drops and TCP backoff)? Furthermore we are
not sure on how to select the burst parameter.

Is there any better way to achieve this ? Note that the customer should not
be able to burst for a long time, and have this traffic above 10 Mbps go to
a best-effort QoS: we just want to limit its traffic to a certain level
without completely breaking its TCP connections.

Does this all make sense?



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