[j-nsp] BGP/L3 routing support on EX2200 & EX2200-C

Paul S. contact at winterei.se
Fri Nov 29 10:45:52 EST 2013

On 11/30/2013 ?? 12:45, Eugeniu Patrascu wrote:
> On Thu, Nov 28, 2013 at 2:11 AM, Tom Storey <tom at snnap.net 
> <mailto:tom at snnap.net>> wrote:
>     Interesting. Has anyone tried this with protocols like IS-IS and
>     with IPv6?
>     I'd love to add an EX3200 to my lab, but shelling out for a
>     license would 
>     make it a bit too expensive.
> I've used EX4200 with IS-IS and IPv6 and would just complain about 
> missing license with version 11.x of JUNOS.

That still has not changed as of 12.3R3.4. It's been that way for quite 
a few revisions now.

-- Paul

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