[j-nsp] BGP/L3 routing support on EX2200 & EX2200-C

Saku Ytti saku at ytti.fi
Sat Nov 30 06:06:40 EST 2013

On (2013-11-29 10:15 -0800), Bill Blackford wrote:

> I hope this is not too off topic, but it may be worth mentioning here that
> the EX series (2200-4500) will only receive (routes received) a random
> subset of a full BGP table. If it's your plan to receive a full table then
> filter upon that, you won't be filtering against full routes. I learned
> that one the hard way.

My initial reaction is, this was pilot error.

JunOS works by default like IOS with 'soft-reconfiguration inbound'. I.e. all
routes you've received are stored, filtered or not.
And I would imaxine the EX not having memory to receive all routes, so you
likely simply exhausted your control-plane DRAM and left the system in rather
unpredictable state.

You could configure 'keep none' in JunOS to stop storing filtered routes and
you likely should be able to receive full table just well and cherry-pick what
routes you're interested in.

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