[j-nsp] umass0 detached / MX80

Peter Sievers psievers at xantaro.net
Tue Jul 1 05:58:45 EDT 2014


On 01.07.2014 08:29, Joerg Staedele wrote:
> Hi there,
> it now happened the 2nd time that during a "request system snapshot" the whole box (MX80 with JunOS 11.4R6) crashed and rebooted. The log showed:
> Jul  1 00:30:52  cr0 /kernel: umass0: at uhub0 port 3 (addr 2) disconnected
> Jul  1 00:30:52  cr0 /kernel: (da0:umass-sim0:0:0:0): lost device
> Jul  1 00:30:52  cr0 /kernel: umass0: detached
> We have a automatic monthly maintenance task running at 0.30am to create snapshots on all routers and this is the second time this crash is happening to this router but not all the time. The last time it was on 1st January and now on 1st July. All other month it worked without any problems.
> Anyone else have seen this problem? I guess that I have to RMA the box :/

no, you have to update the box.

Have a look at PR603468,

Title 	MX80: System crashed after using system snapshot multiple times
resulting in DA0 corruption and stuck during boot.

Release Note: Under certain circumstances,MX80 may crash when using the
command "request system snapshot".

Resolved In 	10.4R14 11.4R7 11.4R8 12.1R6 12.2R4 12.3R1 12.3R2 13.2R1



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