[j-nsp] NG-MVPN RPT-SPT mode no receiver CE limitation?

Krasimir Avramski krasi at smartcom.bg
Wed May 28 02:21:52 EDT 2014

> We used SPT-only mode and didn't see any difference in
> channel changes, because in SPT-only mode, the (S,G) state
> is already present on the Receiver PE router, so an IGMP
> Join request does not have to travel the RPT tree like if
> you RPT-SPT mode.

Well with the caveat that in RPT-SPT after the first Receiver PE travels
the RPT, the (S,G) state is already known to remaining Receiver PEs due to
bgp inherent protocol optimization -  type-5 SA generated by source PE, so
we are effectively in the SPT-only operation  after the first subscriber
behind the "first Receiver PE".

With the static igmpv3 on every Receiver mvpn PE we actually wanted to
emulate VPLS with p2mp optimization (that was initial deployment) avoiding
L2 churn.

Best Regards,

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