[j-nsp] controlling the source IP for the Dns Proxy feature

Andy Litzinger andy.litzinger.lists at gmail.com
Wed Oct 15 11:28:11 EDT 2014

 is anyone out there using the dns-proxy feature for the branch SRX?  Are
there any clever tricks for specifying the source address the SRX uses to
query name servers?  It does not appear to be a config option.

with the default config it appears to use the IP of the outbound
interface.  If I add the config statement 'set system default address
selection' i can influence it to use the lo0.0 address, which can solve my
issue, but not in a way i prefer.

my exact problem is the following:
I have an SRX 220H in a remote office. It has an trust and untrust zone.
users sit on the trust zone and receive dhcp from the SRX and use the SRX
as their default gateway and dns server.  There is a policy based vpn that
connects from the untrust zone to our corp HQ.  I have the dns-proxy config
set up so that if a dns request is going to an intranet zone, e.g.
corp.example.com, then it should use DNS servers that live across the
tunnel in our corp HQ.  If they are looking up anything else, they use
google dns servers.

here's the relevant config:
dns-proxy {
    interface {
        <interface facing users>;
    default-domain * {
        forwarders {
    default-domain corp.example.com {
        forwarders {
            <corp hq name server1>;
            <corp hq name server 2>;

the problem is without the 'default address selection' set the SRX tries to
use the untrust interface IP as the source IP to query our corp HQ name
servers, but the traffic doesn't enter the tunnel because it doesn't match
the vpn policy.  And I can't change the policy to allow it because the
untrust interface IP is the endpoint of the tunnel.  It looks like the
source zone of the dns query is junos-host- is it possible maybe to set up
a junos-host zone to untrust zone NAT when going to corp-hq IP space?

or is there another clever solution?


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