[j-nsp] Spanning tree RJ45 SFP on QFX5100

Richard Hartmann richih.mailinglist at gmail.com
Mon Oct 20 10:41:02 EDT 2014

Dear all,

we are not done debugging yet, but as of right now, we are having a
rather strange effect...

Our setup looks as follows:

QFX5100 = CStest
sw1 = 2960g
sw2 = 2960g
sw3 = EX3300
sw4 = 2960g
sw5 = 2960S

CStest <RJ45 1G> sw1
CStest <SM 1G> sw2
CStest <SM 10G> sw3
CStest <RJ45 1G> sw4
CStest <SM 1G> sw5

The effect we're seeing is that Spanning Tree works just fine over the
Single Mode links, but not across the RJ45 SFPs.

Weirdly enough, LLDP and the like are being transmitted just fine.

Yes, we tried all available JunOS releases, even a few beta images.
Yes, we also tried 14.1X53-D10.

I am kinda stumped as to how this is even possible. While we all hate
RF45 SFP for various reasons, this is totally new and unexpected.

Yes, we're still having fun,

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