[j-nsp] Q-in-Q - QFX5100 [ new ELS CLI ]

Giuliano Medalha giuliano at wztech.com.br
Wed Oct 29 13:28:29 EDT 2014


We have a simple environment where we need to configure q-in-q using
QFX5100 boxes:

                   T                     T                        T
QFX5100(A) ---- QFX5100(B)------QFX5100(C) ----- QFX5100(D)

T = trunk (interface-mode) 802.1Q

A and D elements need to push and pop C-VLANS.

​C-VLANs on this simple case are:​
​ list between [2500-2600]​

​S-VLAN would be vlan-id 2000​

​We have configured the following:​

​giuliano at CORE-SW-A# show interfaces ge-0/0/23
encapsulation extended-vlan-bridge;
unit 2000 {
    vlan-id-list 2500-2600;
    input-vlan-map push;
    output-vlan-map pop;

 set vlans S-VLAN interfaces ge-0/0/23.2000  <---- here is not possible to
configure vlan-id 2000

No problem until now.

But the question now is ...

How can we transport the S-VLAN to a trunk port with familiy
ethernet-swtiching ?

Is it possible ?  We need to create another vlan with vlan-id 2000 ?

set vlans V2000 vlan-id 2000

set interfaces xe-0/0/0 unit 0 family ethernet-switching interface-mode
trunk vlan-members V2000

It will work in this environment ?

Anyone had tested it with the last recommended release ?  13.2X51-D26

It works ?

Thanks a lot,



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