[j-nsp] BGP Peer formatting

Ben Dale bdale at comlinx.com.au
Tue Sep 23 00:11:44 EDT 2014

On 23 Sep 2014, at 1:48 pm, Phil Shafer <phil at juniper.net> wrote:

> Ben Dale writes:
>> Okay, one small caveat to this script - it looks like the use of mutable variables (mvar
>> and set) was only introduced in SLAX 1.1 / Junos 12.2, so it's actually not going to wo
>> rk on older versions of Junos.
>> I know 11.4 is the trusted choice for most people on MX at the moment, so when I get som
>> e time I'll attempt a mind-bending re-write using the older immutable var format.
> In this case, you don't need the mvars.  Let sum() do the iteration:
>        for-each ($neighbour-list/bgp-peer) {
>            <output> jcs:printf("%-20s%-15s%-12s%-10s%-10s%-10s%-10s%-5s",
>                peer-address,
>                peer-as,
>                peer-state,
>                elapsed-time,
> 		sum(bgp-rib/active-prefix-count),
> 		sum(bgp-rib/received-prefix-count),
> 		sum(bgp-rib/accepted-prefix-count),
>                description);   
>        }
> Thanks,
> Phil

Love your work Phil : )

That's a heck of a lot simpler/cleaner than the recursive monstrosity I've been putting together!

Changes have been pulled into github, so if you're running 11.4 or earlier, give it another try now.


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