[j-nsp] Replacing a member of a virtual chassis?

Scott Granados scott at granados-llc.net
Tue Apr 7 12:58:34 EDT 2015

Perfect and request virtual-chassis renumber to renumber the member from the newly assigned to the replaced value correct?

Thanks for the pointers, I just found this article shortly after posting.

On Apr 7, 2015, at 12:45 PM, Jonathan Call <lordsith49 at hotmail.com<mailto:lordsith49 at hotmail.com>> wrote:

Shut off defective member and remove it
With the replacement still powered off connect one VCP port to the VC stack
Power on the replacement and confirm it is showing up properly
Cable the other VCP into the VS stack

A more detailed explanation is given here:



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> Good afternoon,
> I have an EX4300 stack consisting of 6 members connected together using the cables on the back in to a single chassis. I have VC-Ports flapping on member 3 which is leading me to believe I have a bad member on a hardware level. I have looked for a procedure to remove the member from service and install a spare and haven’t found one through Google. I’ve opened a TAC case and am told I’ll receive the instructions but I’m wondering if anyone has done this and has a pointer to the KB article or a simple set of steps to complete. The Virtual chassis is not pre provisioned so I don’t have any static mappings of serial numbers to mappings. Any pointers would be most appreciated. Do I simply install the new member and it auto configures as member 3 or are there request commands and the like I should issue first? Any KB articles or general advise would be greatly appreciated.
> Thank you
> Scott
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