[j-nsp] Discard Interface

harbor235 harbor235 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 7 13:23:48 EDT 2015

I am having issues updating interface stats via the discard interface, dsc.0

I have successfully setup a trigger router for injecting routes I need
discarded at the edge.
The Edge router is a J series router (J2350) I have configured S/RTBH
routing and I am using dsc.0 for discarded traffic, coloring, and logging.

My problem, traffic is discarded correctly, the output filter configured on
the dsc.0 interface correctly logs and discards the traffic. This is
verified via the :show firewall log" cmds, but, I see no stats updates via
"show interface dsc.0 extensive"  for the dsc.0 interface. The route for
the discarded prefix(s) correctly points to the destination address of the
dsc.0 interface.  What am i missing here? Should I expect traffic stats on
dsc.0 and the firewall log output?


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