[j-nsp] iBGP and IPv6

Jonathan Call lordsith49 at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 15 10:24:55 EDT 2015

Here is the output of 'show route extensive'. Hopefully it shows up formatted properly this time. router1> ...oute 2001:db8:4000::1 extensive
vr-1.inet6.0: 9 destinations, 13 routes (9 active, 0 holddown, 0 hidden)2001:db8:4000::1/128 (3 entries, 1 announced)TSI:Page 0 idx 0 Type 1 val 15b53b0    Nexthop: Self    Localpref: 100    AS path: [65471] I    Communities:Path 2001:db8:4000::1 Vector len 4.  Val: 0        *Direct Preference: 0                Next hop type: Interface                Address: 0x15b877c                Next-hop reference count: 2                Next hop: via lo0.1, selected                State: <Active Int>                Local AS: 65471                Age: 1w0d 17:26:33                Task: IF                Announcement bits (3): 0-RT 4-BGP_RT_Background 5-Resolve tree 2                AS path: I                AS path: Recorded         OSPF3  Preference: 10                Next hop type: Router                Address: 0x15b8944                Next-hop reference count: 1                Next hop: via lo0.1, selected                State: <Int>                Inactive reason: Route Preference                Local AS: 65471                Age: 1w0d 17:26:28 	Metric: 0                Area:                Task: vr-1-OSPF3                AS path: I                AS path: Recorded         BGP    Preference: 170/-101                Next hop type: Indirect                Address: 0x15b93a8                Next-hop reference count: 3                Source: 2001:db8:4000::2                Next hop type: Router, Next hop index: 595                Next hop: fe80:db8:4000:1::3 via ge-0/0/8.0, selected                Protocol next hop: 2001:db8:4000::2                Indirect next hop: 162c000 -                State: <Int Ext>                Inactive reason: Route Preference                Local AS: 65471 Peer AS: 65471                Age: 21:46:03 	Metric: 1 	Metric2: 1                Task: BGP_65471_65471.2001:db8:4000::2+51820                AS path: I                Accepted                Localpref: 100                Router ID:                Indirect next hops: 1                        Protocol next hop: 2001:db8:4000::2 Metric: 1                        Indirect next hop: 162c000 -                        Indirect path forwarding next hops: 1                                Next hop type: Router                                Next hop: fe80:db8:4000:1::3 via ge-0/0/8.0			2001:db8:4000::2/128 Originating RIB: vr-1.inet6.0			  Metric: 1			  Node path count: 1			  Forwarding nexthops: 1				Nexthop: fe80:db8:4000:1::3 via ge-0/0/8.0
Jonathan> Subject: Re: [j-nsp] iBGP and IPv6
> To: lordsith49 at hotmail.com; juniper-nsp at puck.nether.net
> From: mark.tinka at seacom.mu
> Date: Wed, 15 Apr 2015 07:45:00 +0200
> On 14/Apr/15 19:37, Jonathan Call wrote:
> > Why does the router flag the BGP route for the IPv4 loopback as Unusable but doesn't do the same for the IPv6 loopback address? Does it even matter?
> Can you "show extensive" for the route?
> Also, try formatting your paste better - I can't quite make it out.
> Mark.

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