[j-nsp] Stable JunOS for MX80

Saku Ytti saku at ytti.fi
Thu Apr 16 03:42:12 EDT 2015

On (2015-04-16 12:39 +0530), thiyagarajan b wrote:


> Request to suggest stable JunOS for MX 80 with 2GB DRAM and Flash.
> Running internet service and MPLS majorly.

I don't believe software is like wine, which gets better as it ages. It's also
incredibly specific if some given release is good for you, or not.

I'm not convinced that there are some 'golden releases' which can be
recommended without knowing exact configuration.

My general rule-of-thumb, for starting with any device:

1) acquire latest long-term release
  - long-term, because chances are, more people are using them, people with
    resources to conduct real testing before deploying, so you're capitalizing
    on their work

2) when you hit bug/security issue, upgrade to fixed minor version

3) when you need new feature, wait for new long-term release which has it.
  - keep reading release notes, to determine if the risk/reward fits your

Intuitively it feels like minor versions should only include bug-fixes, never
new features. But some customers with leverage will pressure vendors to
release new features in minor versions, greatly increasing chances of running
into new bugs in minor releases.


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