[j-nsp] VRF route leaking on EX4550

Raphael Mazelier raph at futomaki.net
Mon Apr 20 11:27:21 EDT 2015

Le 17/04/15 19:31, Ivan Ivanov a écrit :
> Hi Raphael,
> Check that link for differences between auto-export and rib-groups:
> http://forums.juniper.net/t5/TheRoutingChurn/Using-rib-groups-or-auto-export-for-route-leaking/ba-p/202349

Thanks for this excellent link. It's a must read.

> I don't see why to not use rib-groups except if they are not support too.

In my opinion rib-groups have a more complex syntax than auto-export 
wich seems natural to me. Anyway with the help of this documentation and 
templating feature of junos, I ll be able to make a relatively clear 


Raphael Mazelier

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