[j-nsp] Policing On LAG's

Mark Tinka mark.tinka at seacom.mu
Fri Apr 24 11:18:09 EDT 2015

On 24/Apr/15 16:07, Tima Maryin wrote:
> Hi Mark,
> So which steps make the box to 2nd scenario?
> p.s. https://prsearch.juniper.net/PR1056098

The changes are random, but I had a feeling it could be something like
this, where the router ignores the configuration due to a change. So I
did a "commit full" just to be sure, but that didn't help.

My next step was to restart the MPC's so that the PFE can be freshly
re-programmed, but that would require a maintenance window.

At any rate, I have also randomly changed policer settings on the one
which is working as expected, so while I suspect it could be a PFE issue
to some extent, it's not yet clear what steps lead to it.

That said, it may be an issue in my release of code (which is an
engineering version of 14.2), and the fix could be in 14.2R3 as
indicated in the PR. Will ping JTAC on this.

Many thanks, Tima.


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