[j-nsp] Comments display (annote command) via show command !!

Phil Shafer phil at juniper.net
Tue Feb 17 19:31:59 EST 2015

Harri Makela via juniper-nsp writes:
>is there any command which can show us the "comments" which we have added via annote com
>mand other than configuration mode ?

Not sure what you are asking for.  You want to see just the comments, not
the config?  You want to see comments added since the last commit?  If
you want comments without the data, you can:

    show configuration | match "/\*|#"

But without the context, the output is, well, useless.

You can add "| except ##" to remove the line comments added by JUNOS itself,

    ## Warning: 'exclude' is deprecated
    ## Last commit: 2015-02-10 18:05:53 EST by phil


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