[j-nsp] QFX3500 Odd IPv6 ND Problem

Tan Heng Chai admin at sg.gs
Mon Jan 12 02:00:40 EST 2015


Just wondering if anyone else on the list has a similar issue with 
QFX3500 or other Juniper products.

[Host] --- [QFX3500] --- [EX4200]

I have a QFX3500 that constantly has IPv6 neighbors go missing. I run a 
constant ping to the QFX3500 from host on the same vlan. "show ipv6 
neighbor" entry state goes from reachable -> delay -> probe -> [MISSING] 
-> reachable.

This only happens on the QFX3500, the EX4200 which is in the same VLAN 
but behind the QFX3500 has no problems, so L2 is fine.

I have 4 QFX3500 running in the network and only this particular node 
has this issue, the others which are connected the same way are 
perfectly fine. All of them are running 12.3X50-D35.

My next resort is to upgrade to the current recommended 13.2X51-D26 but 
that requires conversion to ELS which is a little troublesome as the 
switch is at a remote site and I don't have OOB on it. Any feedback 
would be appreciated

Yours Sincerely,

Tan Heng Chai
Chief Technical Officer - SG.GS

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