[j-nsp] Question about 100 Gbps MPC4E

Giuliano Medalha giuliano at wztech.com.br
Thu Jan 29 20:12:51 EST 2015


We have a router (MX960) with the following MPC4E board (with SCBE2):


We are using it configured as aggregated ethernet AE3 (with LACP)
connecting to a CISCO ASR9000 router (minimum-links 1 and link-speed 100g
with MTU 9192) using flexible-vlan-tagging and 2 vlans (unit 100 and unit

I have found some specific documents about running this board on a special
way called SA-MULTICAST.


My question is ... there is some special way to configure this board to
talk with CISCO ASR9000 board ?  Does cisco needs this king of
configuration  on juniper to work ?

Something like 2 aggregated of 50 Gbps interfaces ?  et-4/0/1:0  et-4/0/1:1

Do you have something similar in your backbones ?   Its necessary to do
some special config or adjustment ?

There is some MAC-LEARNING limit configured by default on this board ?

Could you please help me how to find the correct way to put it to work ?

Thanks a lot,


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