[j-nsp] QFX5100 IRB Interface counters

Raphael Mazelier raph at futomaki.net
Tue Jun 2 04:22:29 EDT 2015

Le 01/06/15 22:15, Stipo a écrit :
> Hi,
> I'm having an issue monitoring traffic statistics on IRB interfaces.
> The counters appear to only be counting control plane traffic.
> I need to monitor L3 traffic being forwarded on the interface.
> I've seen some references to this behavior in EX series switches,
> however not the QFX.

I faced the same issue/fonctionnality some week ago :)
EX/QFX share the same code, and some hardware, so no surprise here.

So it's a known issue that all counters in irb/vlan/l3 sub interface 
only count traffic to/from the RE.

> Is there a way to accomplish this? I would be grateful for any assistance.

The best workarround is to use firewall filter counters. I've used this 
on advice of the list, and it work very well. The only drawback is that 
you have to find the correct snmp oid for each counter, but it can 
easily be scripted.

Raphael Mazelier

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