[j-nsp] BGP behaviour with Juniper router

Michael Loftis mloftis at wgops.com
Wed Jun 3 12:43:31 EDT 2015

I think you're referring to update-groups.  You can show existing
groupings with show bgp group, and JunOS automatically manages all of
these.  You can (and should probably) still create your own groups to
manage common configuration elements for groups of peers though.
JunOS does NOT automatically imply any delay.  If you need to delay
announcements for any reason you use the out-delay parameter.  IOS
does this because Cisco refused to put a decent CPU in anything for
decades longer than they should have.  Juniper only recently got a few
BGP edge routers that are CPU anemic-ish (the MX80/MX104 lineup) but
even they're beefier than most comparable Cisco kit.  Because of this
you don't need to micro manage update groups like you might need to in
Cisco, there's generally plenty of RE CPU to go around for the most
part in Juniper land.

Anyway.....  out-delay can be set within a neighbor, a group, or at
the root of protocols bgp hierarchy.  It controls how long a route
must be present before it is propogated to the relevant peers, it does
not just flat out delay announcements.  It just ensures a route has a
minimum age before being propagated.


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> Hi Guys,I am new with this group and with Juniper products as well.I curious to know the behaviour of BGP routing with Juniper routers.With Cisco router, a BGP speaker deals by default with all external peers as one group and with internal peers as another group.With external peers,it starts a timer of 30 seconds after each announce or forwarded update/updates to other neighbors while it send it directly with 0 seconds to internal peers (on the same AS).My question is Juniper routers work in the same behaviour?I really appreciate if someone has configured BGP in Juniper router and send me the o/p of show ip bgp update-groups (this a cisco command not really sure how it looks like in Juniper).
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