[j-nsp] BGP behaviour with Juniper router

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Hi Charles,Thanks for your reply.As I explained in my previous e-mail, Cisco router that run BGP deals with its neighbor as two groups by defaults, one for  external peers with 30 seconds as Minimum time between advertisement and 0 second for internal peers.this an example of the output of the command show ip bgp update-group :
BGP version 4 update-group 1, external, Address Family: IPv4 Unicast  BGP Update version : 30/0, messages 0, active RGs: 1  Topology: global, highest version: 30, tail marker: 30  Format state: Current working (OK, last minimum advertisement interval)                Refresh blocked (not in list, last not in list)  Update messages formatted 27, replicated 54, current 0, refresh 0, limit 1000  Number of NLRIs in the update sent: max 1, min 0  Minimum time between advertisement runs is 30 seconds  Has 2 members:       
What I need is simply output of an equivalent command in Juniper router or how is the behavior of BGP with Juniper router.


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        Not quite sure what you mean by groups, I usually just refer
to them in cisco-land as "types, ibgp/ebgp" until I'm actually using
the peer-group neighbor statements. As for the command, you might try
show route receive-protocol bgp <neighbor>. This is a pretty good
reference: http://networking.ringofsaturn.com/Cisco/ciscojuniper.php
and Juniper has some pretty good documentation as well.


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> Hi Guys,I am new with this group and with Juniper products as well.I curious to know the behaviour of BGP routing with Juniper routers.With Cisco router, a BGP speaker deals by default with all external peers as one group and with internal peers as another group.With external peers,it starts a timer of 30 seconds after each announce or forwarded update/updates to other neighbors while it send it directly with 0 seconds to internal peers (on the same AS).My question is Juniper routers work in the same behaviour?I really appreciate if someone has configured BGP in Juniper router and send me the o/p of show ip bgp update-groups (this a cisco command not really sure how it looks like in Juniper).
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