[j-nsp] Juniper hardware purchasing and delivery time

Paul Stewart paul at paulstewart.org
Fri Jun 26 06:35:12 EDT 2015

It can depend on a few factors and what the partner's arrangement is with Juniper.

Depending on the partner's arrangement also determines where they have to acquire the equipment from (ie. Distribution or from Juniper directly).

The timeline you mention isn't entirely out of line.  Sometimes the delays are also with the reseller themselves and internal processes.

My experience has been typically a month for Juniper MX but for SRX/QFX stuff it's usually a week.   This is assuming that certain warehouses involved has stock - if not then SRX/QFX can take several weeks.  That was when I worked for a partner.

Now I'm on the other side of the table and the current partner we buy from takes a month just to process the paperwork internally ... very painful ... 


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I did an agreement with a Juniper partner to buy some hardware (MX, SRX and
QFX) and it tooks 45 solar days to deliver the production boxes and 4 months for the spare (for maintenance) boxes (the spares remain in the partner warehouse…).

I’m wondering if on the Juniper partner side there are two different ways to order the devices with different SLA on the delivery time on Juniper side.

Any partner could switch on the light ?

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