[j-nsp] LACP on mixed virtual chassis QFX5100/EX4300

Chris Burton chris.burton at speakeasy.net
Wed Nov 4 17:03:22 EST 2015

As far as I know there is no way to set the link speed (only the link-mode
for duplex) on the underlying interfaces in a AE bundle (and they are always
labeled xe-), at least on the code I am running on the QFX5100-48T.  You ca
specify the link-speed for a AE interface which I presume sets the speed of
the underlying bundled interfaces, but I have not tested this out as I have
no EX switches.

set ae9 aggregated-ether-options link-speed ?
Possible completions:
  100g                 Links are 100G
  100m                 Links are 100M
  10g                  Links are 10G
  1g                   Links are 1G
  40g                  Links are 40G
  50g                  Links are 50G
  80g                  Links are 80G
  8g                   Links are 8G
  oc192                Links are OC-192


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Am 03.11.2015 um 23:23 schrieb ThienDuc Nguyen:
> I was trying to create a LACP bundle between two ports : one on a 
> EX4300, the other on a QFX5100.
> Both link have their speed negotiated at 1GE (but the interface name 
> on the QFX is xe-, I can't force it to ge-, and their are no way to 
> force the speed on the QFX).
> if I set the lacp speed to 1ge, the configuration can't commit because 
> it sees the QFX interface as a 10G interface...
> Is their a special knob to activate it, or I need to create LACP on 
> the same device family ?  (the version is  14.1X53-D30.3)

 From what you wrote i would suspect that you use a QFX5100 copper version?
If they behave anything like the EX45XX Copper Versions the interfaces will
always be xe- regardless of them being only used with 1GE neighbors. Would
be funny if the interface name would change when lower speeds are

Probably the config parser checks the physical interfaces and finds out that
it is a 10G interface on QFX and 1G Interface on EX and will not commit as
mixed speed AEs are only supported in later MX code.

I do not know a way around that and do not have copper QFX at hand to check.
Probably you will have hit one of these corner case situations that nobody
thought about and nobody ever encountered and nobody ever asked about (at
least if you ask jtac :))

Kind Regards
Tobias Heister
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