[j-nsp] RES: Cisco ME3600 migration to something with more 10 gig ports

Mark Tinka mark.tinka at seacom.mu
Tue Nov 17 03:36:38 EST 2015

On 12/Nov/15 15:05, Alexandre Guimaraes wrote:

> Taking a hide with Aaron,
> 	Reading carefully this thread, looking at ACX5000 e QFX5100, I would like to 'hear' the QFX51000 considerations.
> 	Today, use them at distribution layer, delivering more than 6 switches as a virtual chassis configuration, never had a big issue regarding the software or cpu/memory issues.
> 	When version 14.1 was released, I just start to tests those QFX5100 due to 40Gb ports, for l2circuits/p2p circuits with all MPLS services, regarding some limitation(vpls), and never had major issues regarding the software issues and so on, even using ISSU for upgrade the QFX5100.
> 	Richard mentioned a bad experience with QFX5100.
> Richard,
> 	Coud you please share what you had experienced?

The ACX is based on the QFX.

So if you want "better" routing on this platform, the ACX is the way to
go. Think of it as the MX being a better router version of the EX.


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