[j-nsp] IPv4 Filter for ECN/CWR tcp bit (RFC3168)

Jonas Frey (Probe Networks) jf at probe-networks.de
Fri Nov 27 08:20:49 EST 2015


i am trying to filter IPv4 traffic based on the tcp-options, in detail i
am looking to filter for traffic with options CWR and ECN set (RFC3168).

It seems this is not possible on current MX gear running 14.2.
From the docs juniper only lists 6 of the current 8 tcp-options
available to filter for:


If specified a hex value including ECN or CWR options commit will fail
with a dfw bitfield error.

Does anybody have any idea if its possible to filter for such traffic?
It seems even with MS-MIC this is not possible.

I am asking since we are seeing new types of dDos attacks using SYN
traffic with ECN and CWR bit set (however with a non-zero ACK window).


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